Industries Served

Edible Landscaping Service.
Edible Landscaping

Landscaping, of course, is all around us — trees, shrubs, groundcovers etc. At CF we seek to redesign these space so they are full of beautiful plants like herbs, swiss chard, cherry bushes, and native flowers.

Farm and Garden Service.
Farm + Garden

From a backyard garden to a multi-acre production farm, we bring years of hands-on experience utilizing smart design and hi-yield techniques. We help clients with the intimidating details; how to lay out the garden, establishment of an orchard, construction of earthworks to help manage water, and so much more.

Permaculture Service.
Permaculture Education

Permaculture or nature inspired design, informs all the work we do. We regularly teach classes and workshops on a myriad of topics related to permaculture and edible gardening.

Custom Foodscaping Logo

At Custom Foodscaping we transform ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing landscapes.

We specialize in everything from food forests & herb gardens to profitable vegetables farms.

We work with institutions including schools, universities, hospitals, community centers & restaurants.

Let Custom Foodscaping help you build an edible schoolyard, chef's garden, permaculture orchard, or residential oasis.